case history


Wonnie. We bring this iconic teddy bear to life transforming it into a Chatbot that informs users about Fondazione FILA Museum

For Fondazione FILA Museum we have developed Wonnie, a virtual assistant chatbot active on the Facebook Messenger chat platform that carries out engagment activities, but not only...

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Get to know Wonnie

The client

Fondazione FILA Museum is an Italian institution based in Biella (Piedmont, Italy), whose mission is the custody and dissemination of the values that contributed to the birth and evolution of the very famous FILA brand.

Fondazione FILA Museum has chosen IVE to undertake a process of digitization of its dissemination action. The union between the non-profit institution and a technologically advanced Company aims to create a base for the new generations where culture, lifestyle and tech world are increasingly cohesive and supportive for each other.

Our solutions

IVE together with the Fondazione FILA Museum has planned and implemented a series of actions, which primarily focus on the virtualization of the legendary Wonnie bear. The AI algorithm created by IVE gives virtual life to Wonnie. It responds indifferently from the institutional website, from the social channels and from the Client's Messenger app.


Wonnie is a virtual assistant chatbot for users who need information related to the activities of the Foundation.

If the answer given by Wonnie is not exhaustive or if the user needs more information, the request is sent to a human person - an employee - who can catch up directly in the chat.

Character development

Idea and creation

The character in this concrete case was created by FILA, which granted IVE the right to use it. IVE 'animated' it via chat, answering various questions regarding the Museum, the activities, and the contests organized by the Fondazione FILA Museum. At some events, Wonnie has even spoken to guests, verbally answering questions!

Character and personality development

IVE has developed the personality in line with the guidelines created by FILA. Wonnie is a shy but likeable bear, obviously born in Biella, kind and assertive, but at the same time he maintains a respectful language, with some informal and technical license.

Functionality and features

Enhanced Customer Service

Wonnie improves customer service capabilities, in terms of responsiveness and availability hours, in managing the different user requests. It responds in real time 24x7, and never sleeps!

Support for Foundation Assistance

If a request is very specific, Wonnie addresses it to the Foundation staff, including the intervention of customer support directly in the chat in which the conversation is taking place.


Wonnie tells the story and values of the Foundation 10 years after its birth.

Where it acts

Facebook Messenger

The mobile app or the desktop version of Messenger of the Foundation profile.

Institutional Facebook page

The chat present on the institutional page of the Foundation.

Institutional website

On all pages of the website.

Level of understanding and learning

Wonnie understands natural language and proposes the most relevant answers, often including a suggestions slider. Where the customer deems it convenient, the chatbot offers call to action (call, send email, request a human intervention). Wonnie's learning never stops, and changes as the type of user requests and customer initiatives change.

our bot strategy includes...

Web site restyling

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Foundation decided to renew its website as well. IVE took care of the restyling by creating a responsive web app managed by CMS Wordpress.

Social ADS

Through social communication and advertising on the main channels, the Foundation together with IVE first of all want to transmit positive messages such as the culture of sport, also through live shows with main sports ambassadors.