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Pregellina. The virtual assistant chatbot supporting PreGel's Customer Service

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Wonnie.We bring this iconic teddy bear to life transforming it into a Chatbot that informs users about Fondazione FILA Museum

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We decided to give our 2 cents during such a difficult period for everybody, and deploy ELE.
A virtual assistant chatbot that provides verified information about COVID-19 emergency.

IVO the Super Sports Assistant on your chat!

A new era of sports information has begun thanks to IVO
the multichat, multilanguage chatbot that dialogs with you and provides football insights 24x7.

Meet IVO

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In a world where markets are conversations, successful Companies are those ones that establish true relationships within their communities.

We are a Bot agency. We create bots that maximize people's favourite communication channels to improve their buying experience.

Our team of AI and Communication experts can support your business listening to the market and showcasing itself - by integrating a smart messaging platform, advertising, ecommerce and customer support into custom conversations 24x7

your bot strategy starts here...

chat bot

Better results with a smart communication

Imagine yourself performing an internet search, collecting information, browsing by asking your Smartphone vocally. All these actions are undoubtedly types of interaction that have grown strongly in the past months. Our daily experience confirms this trend, and many figures corroborate it.

We make chatbots with their own personality, working with different chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, or voice supports like Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. We have been developing chatbots and speaker bots since our beginning. We closely support Brands with constant and monitored machine learning, and we help them in the analysis and study of the conversations held with their users. Believe us: such analysis and study of the conversations has become crucial for Companies.

But in which way do Customers look for us? And more important: what kind of Consumers are we in front of? Pretty sure they are demanding Consumers, used to get what they want "here and now", and with minimal effort. It means that expectations increase in a historical context Google does not hesitate to define "the era of assistance". For companies this is a complex challenge that entails a great opportunity: be the first ones by making the most of technology. The declared objective is to grow business in a society that goes “faster and faster” and changes very rapidly.

And so, to answer the above question: Customers look for us in their favorite digital places. Therefore we develop chat bots that talk to people exactly in their favorite digital places, and in an automated fashion. Each of our bots supports different types of conversation and is born with its own name, behavior and character, and learns to improve continuously.

What is a chat bot?

Let's start from basic concepts. A chatbot (or chat bot) is a software, or simply said, a virtual assistant capable of understanding and answering to a range of queries. The term is composed by the word "chat", synonym of "talk" and the word "bot" (abbreviation of robot).

Chatbot is therefore a virtual robot, with whom it is possible to talk, converse, or make questions. It is developed to interact both individually and within group chats; it is the user itself that asks for an interaction with the bot so that the bot can satisfy the need. At the basis of this we find complex concepts such as the evolution of deep learning techniques, which will enable forms of non-human intelligence.

Applications of chatbots can be many, starting with media, sports, public administration, e-commerce, tourism, health, food, transport, customer care , etc. The latter is one of the sectors where the use of chatbot and artificial intelligence is currently being experienced. As an example, many companies use Facebook Messenger platform to communicate and respond to their clients' requests through a dedicated bot.

Benefits of implementing a chat bot

The main advantages are tasks automation, marketing automation, customization of 1-to-1 conversations, and optimization of resources dedicated to use, and maintain, specific applications and related human workforce.

But what are the strengths of using a chatbot?

  • Reporting;
  • Sell products and services: the bot, once it has learned user preferences, is capable to propose to the consumer the best products or services, allowing him to carry out the economic transaction;
  • Engagement: the bot chat can involve users, establishing a personal, "almost human" relationship with them;
  • Cost savings and increase of internal performance:by learning from users what are the products or services that best suit their needs, - bots collect and elaborate data – in total respect of the user privacy- so that the company can understand which products or services to invest in, to increase productivity;
  • Analyze and understand the target of Customers/Fans.

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adv bot

Make your offers talk to your Customers

We go beyond traditional space-limited ad formats. We develop conversational banners called Adv bots, with an integrated smart chat interface that allows Users interact with them. They may provide information like a restaurant's price list and promo menus, or details about sales and special offers at a retail store.

speaker bot

Your Brand's voice right in the living room

We develop virtual assistants that can dialog with Users while they are comfortably seated in their living. It's about integrating our bots into those smart speakers present in the market, and providing on-demand information (such as sport updates, latest news, etc) thanks to voice interaction.

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