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Pregellina. The virtual assistant chatbot supporting PreGel's Customer Service

For PreGel Spa we have developed Pregellina, a virtual assistant chatbot active on the Facebook Messenger chat platform that carries out customer service and engagment activities.

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Get to know Pregellina

The Client

PreGel is a leading company in the production of the highest quality ingredients for ice cream, pastry and beverage. We are talking about an international company with a family imprint, whose headquarters are located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

PreGel has chosen IVE to analyze and improve communication with customer support, increase the response speed especially for the most frequent requests, and address specific questions more effectively.

Our solution

Our solution has been deployed in line with our "bot strategy" approach. We have developed a multi-platform virtual chatbot character.
Pregellina responds indifferently from the website, from the Messenger chat and from the Customer's Facebook page, in order to provide a complete and efficient assistance service, as well as fostering engagement and loyalty activities.

Character development

Idea and creation

On the occasion of the restyling of the logo and the new graphic layout of the portal, PreGel has decided to create the character independently. Pregellina is a nice and attentive leaf inspired by the tree present in the new logo.

Character and personality development

IVE focused on defining and developing the chatbot's character and personality. The character inspires a natural sympathy, but at the same time his main function is to assist the user and therefore to convey professionalism and trust.
To make these two aspects coexist, Pregellina uses an informal and cheerful language in some contexts, but serious and precise in case it has to give information or provide assistance.

Functionality and features

Enhanced Customer Service

H24 to assist customer support in the management of standard requests. Pregellina responds in less than a second, every day and all day.

Support to PreGel Assistance

If a request is complex or particular, Pregellina directs it to the right company functions or calls Pregel staff directly to respond in chat.


It tells the story, the values and the objectives achieved by the company in more than 50 years of activity.

Where it acts

Facebook Messenger

The mobile app or desktop version of Messenger.

Institutional Facebook page

The chat on the company page.

Institutional website

Bottom right on website's homepage.

Level of understanding and learning

Pregellina can understand natural language and proposes the most pertinent answers, often enriched by further suggestions or the possibility of contacting the company staff in different ways. Pregellina learns and improves over time, acknowledging the changes in requests.